Style + Performance = The Perfect Travel Shirt by Libertad

Created by Kyle, Libertad Apparel

Style + Performance = The Perfect Travel Shirt by Libertad
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Travel clothes that don't look (or smell) like it.

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The Libertad Travel Shirt
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Learn About Our Project:

Whether on business or holiday, looking sharp when you travel often leads to a more elevated experience. From fine restaurants to meeting new people, dressing well opens more doors to attractive possibilities.

And who doesn’t hope for unexpected adventures when they are away from home? It’s why we travel.

But, nice and stylish clothes can't handle the rigors of travel. They get damaged easily, wrinkle and collect odors. 

The alternative isn't great either. Clothes that are built for travel make you look like you're hunting big game in the middle of London. 

I’m Kyle and 11 years ago I decided to make some massive life changes. So, I started to travel the world to find a new way to work and live.

Making the investment in myself has paid off and I’ve transitioned from wandering-corporate-refugee-backpacker to globetrotting entrepreneur with a mission. I’ve never been more satisfied and I want to share that with you. That’s why I’ve created the Level 8 Virtual Summit as the reward for backing the campaign. It delivers the kind of info and strategies for creating the life you want to live. 

Early in this journey, I realized that my appearance had a huge impact on my experiences. When I retired my polyester shirts and cargo pockets, everything changed for the better.

But, it was dressing well that highlighted the problem. There wasn’t anything on the market that looked great and traveled well. I had to pack more clothes and do more laundry just to look presentable.

That experience led to what is now Libertad: Upscale Style + High Performance

Professional to personal; day to night; hot to cold; wet to dry. What you have in your carry on must manage it all.

Travelers pack a lot into a day. So, Libertad's #1 goal is for you to look great no matter what you're doing. 

Staying true to classic design, the color and cut were chosen so you won’t look underdressed at meetings, or like you just came from the office when going out at the end of the day. 

Coat or no coat; tucked in or out; you can be prepared for anything without packing a lot of shirts for each occasion. 

Changing environmental conditions are unavoidable when you're on the move. Taxis, airports, planes and make these transitions frequently and rapidly. Add the weather outside and your body is taking a beating. 

Libertad's proprietary fabric has superior moisture management and built in thermal regulation. 

So, whether you are at sea level or 35,000 feet, our shirts fight to keep you dry and comfortable without getting clammy or collecting odor.

 Merino wool: the all-natural, high-performance fiber.

This isn’t the heavy, hot and rough wool of the past. Libertad has created a proprietary, lightweight fabric that is soft enough to wear next to the skin and light enough to be worn all year round.

Advancements in wool technology allow us to spin and weave the Merino into a much finer fabric no longer limiting its use to blankets and heavy flannel shirts. 

By combining our lightweight material with the natural breathability and temperature regulation of Merino, it can be worn comfortably all year round.

Add odor & wrinkle resistance and you have a shirt perfect for travel anywhere at any time, day after day.

 Other natural capabilities of Merino perfect for travel:

  • UV protection 
  • anti-static 
  • durable
  • stain resistant
  • flame retardant 
  • colorfast 

Impressed with Merino? It's not done...It's also eco-friendly and sustainable.

Merino has a smaller environmental impact that helps preserve the world we love to travel.

  • Biodegradable. It breaks down and returns to the soil. 
  • Renewable. Not only does the wool grow back each year, but the food for sheep, grass, is also renewable and sustainable under the best land management practices. 

Not just all talk...

We've been testing this with volunteers for the last year. Here's what they have to say...

Design & Size Details

We are offering both regular and tapered cuts. When you order, Kickstarter will not require you to select design, color or size. That will happen at the end of the campaign via survey. Essentially, buy now and choose later. 

Also, all shirts will have a pocket, but no button placket. Just like the dark blue in all the photos.



I created the Level 8 Summit to share with you new possibilities of living and working. Having the courage to follow your heart and live how you want is the essence of the Libertad brand.

These speakers were carefully selected so that their combined information will give you the keys to creating and executing your transformation strategy. Go to for full details on the presentations.

 Event website:

Delivered in small bites, each speaker will present on separate dates, so you can fit them into your schedule. Miss one of the presentations? No problem. You'll have full access to the recordings.

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